Peacock Tales • Fall 2011

Peacock Keller in Action/Brief Notes

Peacock Keller in Action

  • Susan Mondik Key was a presenter at a Pennsylvania Bar Institute (PBI) program in Pittsburgh on September 21, 2011 titled “Fundamentals of Estate Administration.” She is scheduled to also participate in the PBI seminar “Know How Non-Profit: ADay on Non-Profit Law and Best Practices.”
  • Rachel Lozosky presented a seminar to the Pennsylvania School Board Solicitors Association at its summer 2011 symposium in State College Pennsylvania. The title of her presentation was “Attorney-Client Privilege and Its Application Under Pennsylvania Right-to- Know Law and Sunshine Act: Ethical Considerations for School District Solicitors.”
    • Also, Rachel has been appointed to a four-year term on the Alumni Executive Council (AEC) of Washington & Jefferson College. Members of the AEC will fulfill consultative, event planning and alumni/public relations roles for the college. They are also invited to attend meetings of the Board of Trustees in a non-voting capacity.

Brief Notes

  • The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court has ruled that the Pennsylvania Game Commission can use road kill, and information from processing plants, to determine reproductive rates and general health of deer in determining the number of licenses to issue for antlerless deer.
  • During the closing arguments of a medical malpractice trial in Philadelphia, a juror fainted when the plaintiff’s attorney described the ghastly surgical procedure at the heart of the trial. During the resulting recess, the defendant agreed to settle the suit for two times the pretrial settlement demand.
  • The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York denied trademark protection to one fashion designer’s red-soled shoes.
  • The Court of Common Pleas of Lawrence County upheld the Sheriff’s revocation of a gun owner’s permit to carry a concealed firearm after the licensee shot a dog that approached him and his son while on a walk in a residential neighborhood.
  • Act 11 of 2011 signed by Governor Corbett allows off premises caterers, who have liquor licenses, to serve alcohol at up to 50 catered events a year.
  • Five of the nation’s largest cigarette makers filed suit against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration contending that the requirement to print graphic images on cigarette packets was a violation of the First Amendment.

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