Peacock Tales • Fall 2012


Brief Notes

  • The United States Supreme Court ruled that children conceived by artificial insemination, after a father's death, are not eligible for Social Security Survivor Benefits under Florida state law.
  • An Arizona Court held that $500,000.00 found in a wall of a house belongs to the estate of the man who put it there and not the current owner of the house.
  • The Pennsylvania Superior Court found that a wife going on a cruise with female friends did not amount to indignities relieving her husband of his spousal support obligations.
  • The Monroe County Court of Common Pleas ruled that the Unfair Trade Practice and Consumer Protection Law of Pennsylvania does not apply to investment property.
  • The United States District Court for New York held an executor personally liable for failing to honor an IRS levy when he distributed funds to the estate's beneficiaries after having been notified of the IRS levy.
  • The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court concluded that bidders at a mortgage foreclosure sale, who sought to buy property with gold and silver and were referred to as "anarchists" by county employees, could not bring an action for defamation.
  • The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court denied the Berks County Humane Society's bid to force a local District Attorney to prosecute a sporting club for the way it conducted its pigeon shoots.

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