Peacock Tales • Fall 2015

Case Notes

  • The United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit ruled that debt collectors’ calls to third parties (neighbors, relatives and friends) must be directed solely to locating the debtors’ whereabouts.
  • In 1893, Representative Lucas Miller, Democrat from Wisconsin, proposed amending the constitution to change the country’s name to “United States of Earth.”
  • A lawyer for the California Department of Transportation, who asked questions implying that the motorcycle club to which the plaintiff belonged was associated with the Nazis, and repeated such reference in her closing remarks, was found to have committed attorney misconduct warranting not only reversal of the judgment on the defense verdict but also, the court referring her to the state bar.
  • The U.S. Court for the Seventh Circuit ruled that a bank robber, who used a butane lighter held up to an employee’s neck perceived to be a gun, cannot be convicted for a felony offense of robbery involving weapons. The court stated “harmless devices” that might be mistaken for a weapon, such as a finger, a sawed off broom stick, or a kielbasa in a robber’s pocket, which may lead to fear, differ from “a dangerous weapon or device.”

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