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Our Litigation group can provide the protection and assistance you need, from investigation through negotiations and trial, and appeal, if necessary.  Our attorneys have trial experience in both state and federal courts.  We know when and how to try a case, and we know how and when to negotiate, always with the goal of getting the best result for you.

Lawsuits can come in all shapes and sizes.  Whether you are prosecuting or defending a lawsuit, we will focus on a strategic and sensible approach for you by utilizing our experience in a wide range of cases to match your needs, with consideration of the practical and economic impact to you.  Some of the types of cases we have litigated include:

♦ Energy, Leases & Property ♦ Employment ♦ Contracts ♦ Construction ♦ Insurance ♦ 
♦ Foreclosure & Banking ♦ Real Estate ♦ Commercial and Business ♦ Estates & Trusts ♦ Civil Rights ♦

Energy, Leases & Property

The emergence of the Marcellus and Utica Shale in western Pennsylvania has provided great wealth, and many headaches, for both landowners and energy producers.  However, conflicts between landowners and energy producers are not new to Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Our attorneys have been handling energy and land issues long before the energy boom came to our area, and we have long-standing litigation experience in all things related to land use, energy production, leases and deeds.  If you are facing a dispute relating to oil and gas leases, pipeline placement and right of way matters, title disputes, or any other energy-related issue for which you need representation, please let us know.

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Employment & Workplace

Employment law is a broad and complex area of practice.  Numerous federal and state statutes define the scope of the legal rights and obligations that govern the employee-employer relationship.  We provide legal advice and representation to both employers and employees in litigation, agency actions and settlement negotiations.  

Our employment lawyers have experience litigating all types of employment claims, including age and gender discrimination, sexual harassment and hostile work environment, retaliation, wrongful discharge, non-competition, misappropriation of trade secrets and confidential information.  We work closely with our clients to defend their interests and map out a strategy for a successful outcome.
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Insurance Defense

For many years, our attorneys have been assigned insurance defense counsel for various state and national insurers, assigned to the defense of their insureds.  As insurance defense counsel, we currently provide representation to school districts, hospitals, businesses and individuals.  We have defended lawsuits involving negligence, civil rights and discrimination, toxic torts, medical malpractice, general liability, property and casualty claims and errors and omissions.

We strive to meet budgetary, billing and reporting requirements, while providing a strong, comprehensive defense of our clients.  We keep clients and insurers informed and fully involved in the litigation process, with the goal of providing effective representation, intelligent decision making, and cost-effective results.  

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Often, the best solution for resolving a dispute is a mediated solution, which avoids the high cost, uncertainty and risk of a trial in court.  Our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in mediation, or serving as mediators for other attorneys and their clients.  

Enhancing our role as mediators is our access to a wealth of practical legal knowledge throughout Peacock Keller.  Because Peacock Keller provides a wide range of legal services, such as real estate, energy, estates and trusts, education, employment and business, we can consult with attorneys in-house, and quickly get a practical understanding of the unique aspects of the case which we are about to mediate.  This helps us be the best possible facilitator of comprehensive and case-specific solutions for your dispute.  If you have a dispute for which you think a mediator would be valuable, tell us about your situation.