Peacock Tales • Spring 2011


Brief Notes

  • The Pennsylvania State Police settled a lawsuit filed against them in the Federal District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. The State Police had cited a woman for swearing at a motorcycle rider. The settlement agreement acknowledged that the woman had a First Amendment right to swear in public.
  • A proposed Chinese Law would require adult children to visit their elderly parents regularly.
  • The Court of Common Pleas in Lancaster County held that the will of a decedent who committed suicide, where the will had been prepared five years earlier giving his entire estate to a local library, was not a product of an insane delusion.
  • A Philadelphia Court held in a slip and fall case, that a 5/8 inch defect in a sidewalk was trivial as a matter of law.
  • The Court of Montgomery County held that a power company had no duty to pedestrians to update and modernize street lights.
  • The Third Circuit Federal Court of Appeals held that biological children of a deceased wage earner, conceived by in vitro fertilization after the wage earner's death, were his children for purposes of the Social Security Act.
  • In Elk County, the Court held that a utility company was NOT responsible for a person who was hired by tenants to trim a tree in the utility's right of way who fell out of the tree due to a defective harness.


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