Peacock Tales • Spring 2015


Peacock Keller Celebrates 90 Years

It all started in 1925 when Ralph W. Peacock began practicing law in Washington County, offering a full range of trial and office practice. And now, in 2015, Peacock Keller & Ecker, LLP begins its 90th year, continuing the tradition of service established by Ralph Peacock in the legal field.

Peacock Keller owes its uncommon longevity to many practices common to successful endeavors, such as careful selection of personnel, flexibility in operations and progressive business practices. What sets Peacock Keller apart, however, is the unwavering commitment of our attorneys who have joined together to serve their clients, the community and the legal field itself.

The 1950’s saw the addition of Charles Keller, first as an associate and then a partner. The 1960’s and 1970’s saw the additions of Roger Ecker, Ken Baker and Wes Cramer, all of whom progressed from associate to partner in due course. Over the decades, the firm identified and developed many more talented lawyers who have proven worthy of being elected partner, including Rick Amrhein, Barb Graham, Doug Nolin, Jon Higie, John Rodgers, Susan Roberts, Sue Key, Andy Chumney and Steve Curry. In addition, the firm has five associates on staff: Frank Adams, Rachel Lozosky, Don Formoso, Eva Ahern and Eric Harbison.

Peacock Keller has been enriched by the contributions of highly capable attorneys who are no longer with the firm, such as Davis Yohe, Reed Day, Bob Crothers, Mary Gail Korsmeyer and Mary Pruss. Despite the departure of talented lawyers, Peacock Keller has continually risen to that challenge by retaining long-time clients and developing a broader client base while constantly moving forward.

For instance, in the 1930's, Ralph Peacock began the firm’s long relationship with the energy industry by assisting a major coal company with its mineral title needs. This work has been continued by Wes Cramer, together with Andy Chumney and Steve Curry, and continues to expand into other energy fields such as oil and gas. Similarly, Barb Graham continues the work of Reed Day and Bob Crothers in representing many local school districts. Charles Keller, now senior counsel for the firm, has seen the firm’s litigation practice continue to grow under Roger Ecker, Doug Nolin and Susan Roberts. Davis Yohe’s work has been continued in our estate department by Ken Baker, Rick Amrhein, John Rodgers and Sue Key. And Bob Crothers’ work in the business area has been continued by Jon Higie, John Rodgers and others.

Peacock Keller lawyers serve in a variety of leadership roles in the community. Various Peacock Keller lawyers have served as leaders in local, national and global organizations, such as the Washington County Chamber of Commerce, the Washington County Community Foundation, Rotary, Kiwanis, Zonta, the Boy Scouts of America and others. In 2008, Peacock Keller initiated a benefit event for area libraries known as “Off-the-Shelf,” which has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Washington and Greene County library systems.

Peacock Keller lawyers have also provided leadership in various legal organizations, boasting one past president of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, seven past presidents of the Washington County Bar Association (including the first female president), three past presidents of the Pennsylvania School Board Solicitors Association, three past presidents of the Pennsylvania Academy of Trial Lawyers, members of the illustrious American College of Trial Lawyers and the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, as well as members of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Lawyer Disciplinary System Committee.

As the firm celebrates its 90th anniversary, we look back with pride on our history. With such reflection, the partners, associates and staff remain confident that with unwavering focus on our clients, our community and the law itself, the firm will be around for another 90 years.

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