Peacock Tales • Spring 2015

My Sabbatical by the Numbers


I returned to the office on March 2, 2015 following my glorious Peacock Keller sabbatical. The last six months were exciting for me, filled with world travel and many first-time experiences. Just to give you the bigger picture, here is a summary of my sabbatical by the numbers:

1 number of grasshoppers eaten in Cambodia.

2 important milestones leading up to sabbatical: daughter graduated college, son graduated high school.

3 number of Pony League practices attended in one day in Japan.

4 castles visited: Edinburgh, Scotland; Dublin, Ireland; Kilkenny, Ireland and Castello di Torre in Pietro, Italy.

5 pounds gained.

6 months leave from Peacock Keller.

7 types of accommodations: hotel, condominium, guest house, R.V., narrowboat, tent, and homes of relatives.

8 Steelers bars found: San Francisco, Myrtle Beach, Key West, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, and Rome.

9 bodies of water waded: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Gulf of Mexico, Bay of Biscay, North Sea and Balearic Sea.

10 states visited: California (twice), West Virginia, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Texas (twice), New Mexico, New York, Missouri, Colorado, and Puerto Rico (twice).

11 airlines flown: Bassaka, Garuda, Malaysia, Philippines, China Eastern, Singapore, Southwest, US Airways/American, British Airways and Aer Lingus (Plus one charter flight on Martinique Air in Puerto Rico).

12 countries entered; Spain, France, England, Scotland, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Ireland and Italy.

15 minutes: shortest flight (Culebra to San Juan, Puerto Rico).

17 modes of transportation; commercial airplane, charter airplane, car, bus, taxi, subway, tram, incline, ropeway, ferry, narrowboat, tuk tuk, Maglev train, bullet train, commuter train, commercial passenger van, golf cart, bicycle and foot.

25 years of marriage celebrated with my husband while on sabbatical.

36 hours: length of my birthday as I changed time zones when flying east from Siem Reap, Cambodia to Phnom Penh-Shanghai-Los Angeles-Denver-Pittsburgh.

66 Blog posts:

268 miles per hour-speed of the Maglev train from the airport to central Pudong, China.

6,482 miles: longest flight (Shanghai to Los Angeles).

32,786 most steps taken in one day as recorded by my step counter.

2.5 Million number of Hilton Honor points my husband had saved for sabbatical.

Biggest challenge: packing one carry-on bag for three weeks of travel in destinations with temperatures ranging from 45 degrees to 95 degrees.

Best planning tip: TSA Pre-check and Global Entry clearances.

Favorite foods I tried: 
tapas (Spain), sticky toffee pudding (Scotland), fried pickles (Texas State Fair), vegetable spring roll (Taiwan), passion fruit cocktails (Bali), blowfish (Japan), mofongo (Puerto Rico), spicy coddle (Dublin) and absolutely EVERYTHING in Italy.

Favorite place in the world: My kitchen on Christmas Eve.

Thing I couldn't live without: My Microsoft Surface.

Looking forward to: returning to Peacock Keller and seeing my co-workers, thanking our wonderful staff for filling in for me during my sabbatical, hearing from all of my old clients again, resuming the practice of law and assisting people with their legal needs.


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