Peacock Tales • Spring 2016

Case Notes

  • The Florida Supreme Court has issued a rule requiring all judicial robes to be solid black, finding that the courtroom is not a place to make a fashion statement.
  • The Monroe County, Pennsylvania, Court of Common Pleas held that there was no compensable injury when a medical provider lost a biopsy specimen and a patient feared for cancer.
  • The Northhampton County, Pennsylvania, Court of Common Pleas held that text messages between a homeowner and a contractor were sufficient evidence of the terms of a home remodeling contract.
  • A North Carolina man was arrested after being pulled over for a broken taillight. The police officer informed the man that there was a warrant out for his arrest for his failure to return a rented video 14 years earlier. He was charged with a misdemeanor offense and was notified that he owed a fine of $200. The overdue video was “Freddy Got Fingered,” and the star of the movie, Tom Green, has offered to pay the fine.


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