Peacock Tales • Summer 2015

Case Notes

  • A Virginia attorney was suspended by the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board because he appeared drunk and disorderly at a continuing legal education session.
  • The IRS has advised employers that logos, slogans and advertising on employee copies of W-2 forms are prohibited and may subject employers to penalties.
  • The U.S. Tax Court ruled that a taxpayer failed to substantiate with receipts or other contemporaneous documentary proof that he donated items worth $37,315.00 to a church flea market, the Goodwill and a veterans organization.
  • The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that police officers in pursuit of a fleeing vehicle have no duty of care to passengers in that vehicle, even innocent bystanders, unless the police know of the presence of the passengers. The Court reasoned that an injury to an unknown passenger is not foreseeable and imposing a duty upon the police owed to unknown passengers would unreasonably interfere with police pursuits and encourage criminals to flee.

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