Peacock Tales • Winter 2010

Let's Play Password!

We at Peacock Keller have long recommended to our clients that they let their survivors know where to find their important documents and papers. We offer a simple brochure for them to complete in order to facilitate this process. Whether by written or oral direction, your next of kin need to know where your safe deposit box is, or where your Will is located. Have you ever tried opening a safe without knowing the combination? An impossible task, for sure!

In this ever-increasing sophisticated, electronic, technical age there are more combinations to know - only now they are called account numbers, email ad- dresses, passwords or user names. Try accessing your voice mail, or your child's student aid account, without the right combination. Whether it is a Pay Pal or ebay account, those that have to pick-up after you whether you become incapacitated or at your death, will get nowhere fast without that secret password. Without it, no one may be readily able to access all those wonderful vacation or photos you downloaded or scanned into your computer.

Just as with other assets, you must let someone know where the codes for everything you do online or have preserved electronically be found, whether in a rolodex or on a flash drive. You should update that information every time you change one password or open another online account.

But maybe some things should remain lost forever with the electrons.

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