Peacock Tales • Winter 2012


Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Sabbaticals

Nine of our Partners each have enjoyed six-month sabbaticals.  We would like to answer some commonly asked questions.

Q.  If Doug was okay, why was he out for six months?
A.  Peacock Keller adopted a policy in 2002 requiring its Partners to take a sabbatical to rejuvenate and refresh them.

Q.  When does a Partner take a sabbatical?
A.  A Partner who has been a Partner with Peacock Keller for at least ten years takes his or her sabbatical under the rules of the firm.

Q.  Are Partners on sabbaticals required to take any legal courses?
A.  No, each Partner can utilize his or her sabbatical as he or she desires.

Q.  What happens to the sabbatical Partner’s work while they are out?
A.  Others in the office assume the sabbatical Partner’s workload and keep the files and cases moving.

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