Peacock Tales • Winter 2015

Peacock Brief Notes

  • A Bronx, New York Judge held that a media website was not liable for defamation for letting the wrong mug shot, identified as a suspected sexual predator, remain on its site long after it was aware of the misidentification.
  • The Monroe County Court of Common Pleas held that an occupant, who had been ordered to vacate premises, to be in contempt for removing the furnace, light fixtures and appliances from the premises when the occupant vacated.
  • The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently ruled that the seller’s failure to disclose the murder/suicide of prior owners in the home being sold was not a material defect that had to be disclosed under the Real Estate Sellers Disclosure Law.
  • The Polish Government recently refused the request of scientists to remove and examine composer Frederic Chopin’s heart to see if he had died from cystic fibrosis instead of tuberculosis. Chopin was born in Poland and died in 1849 in France where he was buried. At his request, his heart was sent to his homeland where it was preserved in alcohol, allegedly cognac.
  • According to the estate’s probate records, author Tom Clancy’s Estate included a 12% stake in the Baltimore Orioles and a World War II tank with very low mileage.

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