Peacock Tales • Winter 2017


Case Notes


The Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas denied a nursing home’s claim against a resident for failure to pay for services, because the home had incorrectly assisted with (or rather, messed up) the resident's Medicaid application.

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruled that a housing co-op was not required to waive a "no dog policy" for a disabled prospective tenant whose dog did not assist her with mobility but only reminded her to take medications and to get out of bed.


An Illinois law clerk who is under indictment for allegedly impersonating a judge when she borrowed a judge's robe and heard and ruled on three minor traffic offenses, was recently elected to be a real judge. Even though the Illinois Supreme Court had previously ruled that she could not take the bench if she won the election, she won the primary election and received 74,000 votes in the uncontested election on November 8, 2016.


A Halifax County, North Carolina man served on a grand jury that was empaneled to consider, among other indictments, his own indictment for assault with a deadly weapon. The situation was subsequently discovered by a clerk who examined the indictments and noticed that the accused and the juror had the same name. When the judge was preparing to call the defendant into the courtroom, he asked to approach the bench and was immediately removed from further service on the grand jury.


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