Winter • 2018

Peacock Tales - Case Notes

A Middletown Ohio man was charged with arson and insurance fraud based, in part, on data on his pacemaker which was inconsistent with his claim about his physical activities when his house burned down.


The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that a child can intervene in a parent's marital settlement agreement to enforce a provision which requires a parent to pay college expenses.

A man was charged with murder of his wife in part because his account of events did not jive with his wife's Facebook posting and the data from her FitBit activity tracker.

According to an account in the Miami Herald, a defense attorney's pants caught on fire due to a defective battery in an e-cigarette during his closing argument before the jury. Ironically the jury convicted his client of arson in the second degree.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that a waiver of claims signed by a patron of a fitness center for injuries did not violate public policy.


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