Winter • 2018

Updates to the Pennsylvania Notary Law


In October of 2017, the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Act (RULONA) became effective and some of the familiar procedures associated with signing legal documents were changed.

Previously, a person was not always required to provide identification when having his/her signature notarized. Now, a current, valid, government issued form of identification with a photograph must be presented. Examples include a driver's license, a photo identification card issue by the DMV, a passport, a military identification card or a permanent resident card.

As in the past, notaries are required to maintain a Notary Journal. The new journal, however, requires more information than before, including the name and address of the signer, as well as the type of identification provided by the signer.

With these additional changes and requirements to this Act, Peacock Keller Notaries have been thoroughly educated on the new changes and have completed the required notary education course.


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